Deal’s Orchard has 25 varieties of tasty Iowa Apples.  Each apple variety has it’s own unique set of properties; tart, sweet, thin skinned, starchy, mild…. we have them all!  If you’re not sure what type of apple you want be sure to ask us and we can guide you in the right direction or give you a sample to try.

Apple varieties available to purchase at Deal
bins of apples
Yellow Delicious Apple Trees


Variety: Harvest: Uses:
Lodi Mid July Sauce, Pie
Duchess Late July Sauce, Pie
Whitney Crab Early August Pickling, Jelly
Paula Red Mid August Sauce, Pie, Eating
Earliblaze Mid August Sauce, Pie, Eating
Earligold Mid August All Purpose
Zestar Mid August All Purpose
Wealthy Late August All Purpose
Pippin Early September All Purpose
Macintosh Early September All Purpose
Chenanego Early September Eating
Gala Early September All Purpose
Sharon Mid September Sauce, Eating
Cortland Mid September Salad, Pie, Eating
Jonathan Mid September All Purpose
Jonadel Mid September All Purpose
Jonagold Mid September All Purpose
Empire Mid September Salad, Pie, Eating
Snow Late September Sauce, Salad, Eating
Red Delicious Late September Eating
Honey Crisp Late September Salad, Pie, Eating
Yellow Delicious Early October All Purpose
Grimes Golden Early October All Purpose
Haralson Early October All Purpose
Chieftain Early October All Purpose
Winesap Mid October All Purpose
Turley Mid October All Purpose
Arkansas Black Mid October All Purpose