Professional Photography Guidelines

Professional Photographers are welcome to use Deal’s Orchard as a backdrop/setting for any portrait/commercial photography. Reservations are required for all professional photographers and need to be made at least 48 hours in advance via private Facebook message or email.

Each guest must also pay any admission fee associated with the season if applicable.

Portrait Photography is defined as, but not limited to: senior pictures, engagement, family, graduation, wedding, etc.

Commercial photography is defined as, but not limited to: catalog, fashion, advertisement, promotion, etc.

Photography Fee –  A one day photo shoot at the farm is $75 per day (tax included). Photographers may schedule as many photo sessions as they choose during business hours of that day.

Photography Season Pass – A Photography Season Pass for the farm is $150 (tax included) and is good for September-August, and includes sunflowers, fall season, Christmas trees, and apple blossom.