Christmas Trees

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Make lasting memories with your family finding the perfect Christmas tree for your home. You can cut your own or select a pre-cut tree.

While you’re here, visit the Apple Barn where you’ll find unique decor and gift ideas including a large selection of gift baskets. And be sure to check out our model train and take your picture in Santa’s sleigh.

Variety Cost Per Foot
Scotch Pine $9.00
White Spruce $10.00
Canaan Fir $10.00
Douglas Fir $10.00
Fraser Fir (precut 5′-7.5′) $11.00
Fraser Fir (precut 8′-9.5′) $13.00
Fraser Fir (precut 10′-12′) $15.00
Canaan or Balsam Fir (precut 5′-7.5′) $10.00
Canaan or Balsam Fir (precut 8′-9.5′) $11.00
Canaan or Balsam Fir (precut 10′-12′) $12.00
Scotch or White Pine (precut) $10.00